This Is The Cheapest Night Vision Product We Have Ever Seen…And It’s Amazing

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to see in the dark? Unbeknownst to most consumers, night vision technology has come a long way and is now cheaper than ever. The latest gadget trying to cash in on the craze is called the Black Widow V3 – and it’s worth every penny.

How It Works

Similar to the sonar technology used by bats, the Black Widow V3 works by using infrared technology to emit a special wavelength of light which is invisible to the human eye. The onboard sensor then captures this reflected light and creates a digital image of your surroundings.

The best part is that the Black Widow V3 does not require any ambient light. It comes equipped with its own infrared illuminator which means you can take this to the darkest of environments and you’ll never encounter any issues.

There Is More

  1. It features an actual optic which allows for an optical zoom of 500% and then an additional digital aided zoom of 800%
  2. It works using a rechargeable lithium-ion battery which means you’ll never have to spend money on batteries again
  3. It has a removable memory card which means you can record videos and take pictures. It also has an old school 3-in-1 RCA output which means you can stream your viewfinder to a television or computer monitor.

Our first production run is only going to be for 100 units so make sure you get your order in quickly. Heck, we might even be sold out by the time you’re reading this.

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Written by Mick

Mick is a former corporate slave who quit his office job to pursue a career in the outdoors. Mick's survival specialization is in emergency preparedness and post-apocalyptic scenarios.