This Pocket Scope Is Insane

Night Vision Has Never Been This Good Before

Earlier this year, an underground tactical company quietly released an optical device so powerful that it has some critics wondering if it should even be allowed on the market. Believe it or not, this handheld scope can magnify a target by more than 8000% over a distance of several miles.

8400% Zoom From More Than 10 Miles Away

The secret to its success is both simple and revolutionary. Through the use of a proprietary mounting system, the Aviator Scope can leverage the same power found in modern smartphones to help supercharge its own performance.

Night Vision Picture Taken From Over A Mile Away

The craziest thing about the Aviator Scope is that it even comes with night vision functionality. Just like traditional night vision optics, the massive front lens of the Aviator Scope does a great job at collecting and amplifying ambient light. The end result is nothing short of amazing.

This is a deal we would highly recommend checking out. It’s on sale right now and it ships directly from the United States so you know it’s a legitimate product and not cheap Chinese dropshipped garbage. The manufacturer is located just outside of Boston and has been dealing in tactical goods for well over five years now. Just click below to see more.

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Written by Mick

Mick is a former corporate slave who quit his office job to pursue a career in the outdoors. Mick's survival specialization is in emergency preparedness and post-apocalyptic scenarios.