Introducing The TA-50 V2.

Taklite’s TA-50 will now see a complete overhaul in 2019. Since the release of the TA-50 back in 2016, the flashlight has seen no changes in aesthetic, power or functionality until now.

TA50 V2

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To begin, the new model will feature a Nicha 219D LED, with a life span of 50,000 hours. This unique LED outputs a high color rendering index. CRI is a measurement of how accurate colors are when illuminated by a particular light. Most LED flashlights have a blue tint, that washes away color and detail; however, the Nicha 219D LED features a brightness that replicates true sunlight, and reveals detail opposed to washing it away. The new TA-50 V2. will feature 15 operating modes, and a Turbo mode with a runtime of 5 hours. Thats 5x longer than the Turbo mode over the previous generation. The flashlight also features a popular moon mode or firefly mode. This unique mode features a 0.5 lumen output. Great for getting up in the middle of the night, and not waking up the family while doing your business. All joking aside, this mode is sought after by flashlight enthusiasts everywhere for its practicality, and whopping 700 hour battery life.

Along, with the turbo, and moonlight mode, the flashlight also features your standard strobe, SOS, beacon, high, middle, low, and lowest mode.

Written by Leo

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